VisiLevel is a gauging system that uses patented and proven technology to identify the contents of your tanker by measuring the volume, temperature, density and colour. This unique system:

Prevents fuel theft
Prevents fuel contamination
Improves driver safety
Provides a complete live audit trail of all product movements
Is a content gauging system that is ATEX and IECEx approved

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Prevents Fuel Theft

Security, saving you money

Prevents Fuel Contamination

Checking fuel density

Improves Driver Safety

Protecting your workforce

Ensures Full Audit Trail

Measuring report functionality

Content Gauging System

ATEX and IECEx approved

Theft Prevention

Fuel theft represents a major problem for operators around the world. As a tanker gauging device, VisiLevel provides the ultimate deterrent to anyone considering the unauthorised removal of fuel from a tanker. VisiLevel measures the volume of product onboard the vehicle throughout the delivery process, ensuring product security and a complete live audit trail of all product movements when integrated with StockSmart tracking. Each product movement, regardless of whether a pump/meter is used, is date, time and location stamped giving you an audit trail that is second to none. Alarms are also in place to alert the tanker owner via text or email, of any unauthorised product movements.

Fuel contamination

VisiLevel’s unique measuring system eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by using an electronic dipstick that measures volume, temperature, density and colour. These readings automatically display the contents of the compartment on the VisiLevel display screen or on any other third party electronic metering system using CAN protocol. This automatic recognition ensures that any unexpected changes are displayed and product quality is never compromised.

Protecting your workforce

With a compact driver interface, the LCD display automatically provides the driver with all the information they need to avoid costly contamination and provides a safe environment by eliminating tank top access for kerbside interrogation. VisiLevel can be positioned in a place of your choosing be it in the cab or close to the metering/valve controls. You no longer need to rely on driver calculations, VisiLevel tells the driver, by compartment, exactly what grade and volume of product (fuel, oil, petroleum, etc.) is on board. This automatic recognition also removes the need for a catwalk and ladder, reflecting a vehicle weight and cost reduction.

Measuring report functionality

VisiLevel automatically provides actual loaded product information tracking to StockSmart, which then uses metered delivery information to reconcile the product left onboard the tanker at the end of the day. An end of shift report can be easily created to identify any stock variations, guaranteeing the security of both your onboard product and tanker.

ATEX and IECEx approved

VisiLevel is MechTronic’s ATEX and IECEx approved level gauging system that delivers quality, reduces contamination and ensures product security and driver safety. VisiLevel is the only gauging system that provides the accurate measurement of the volume, temperature, density and colour of a road tankers individual compartments. This information is then automatically displayed on the LCD screen for the driver to clearly see. VisiLevel provides the ultimate protection against fuel theft, reduces the risk of cross-contamination and improves driver safety – VisiLevel is the obvious gauging system for fuel oil road tankers.

Your Content Gauging System package includes:

Electronic dipstick:

The electronic dipstick, is a highly engineered probe which using smart technology to automatically identify the product grade. By measuring the specific gravity of the products, VisiLevel can detect the presence of diesel, kerosene or petrol in each compartment of the tanker. Uniquely, the electronic probe has a built in colour sensor that can distinguish between gas oil and diesel, helping to avoid contamination risk on loading and delivery. The probe transfers the recordings to the VisiLevel console which then displays the information on the LCD screen.

VisiLevel console:

The VisiLevel LCD console automatically displays the contents of each individual compartment by collecting the readings from the electronic probe. The console has a compact driver interface and provides the driver with all the information they need to avoid costly contaminations and provides a safe environment by eliminating tank top access for kerbside interrogation. As VisiLevel displays the specific gravity of the product, it is simple to see if fuel has been replaced with a different liquid, i.e. water as the product type will not be recognised and will not show in the display unit. This helps to prevent fuel theft and/or contamination. The VisiLevel console also displays the product temperature; this proves invaluable as any changes in temperature can affect the volume of fuel that is delivered.

Product Application FAQ

ATEX and IECEx approved, VisiLevel provides driver safety, product security, and delivers quality by the accurate measurement of the grade and temperature of your road tankers individual compartments.

“VisiLevel gives you an audit trail which is second to none.”


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